Know something about Vanuatu Accommodation

1Have you ever dreamed of spending your holiday vacation in a tropical island with your privacy? Then stop dreaming and contact Mele Magic, who can arrange two acre private villa at an affordable price. These holiday rental villas are located on two acre tropical island of Efate near Vanuatu. They are very closer to the airport and town. It takes in and around ten minutes from airport and twenty minutes from town. You can enjoy the luxury of these holiday villas and relax with your loved ones. There is no need to set alarm and to do list and you can do whatever exactly you feel.
Mele Magic arrange lots activities like diving, surfing, boating, fishing, etc. even cooking also you can enjoy there. There is a playground located before the ocean, where you can play with your friends and relax there. You can explore the coral reefs and colourful fish swarms with the assistance off the onsite care taker, who will provide masks, swimsuits, oxygen cylinders, fins, etc. You can swim into the private beach and take sun bath. Of course you can enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved ones. You can cook your own dish at the barbeque hut outside the villa and serve it to your family.
Really these islands are boon to the nature lovers, site-seers and adventurers. Refresh yourself in the ocean rock pool and relax with a book. Vanuatu is a colourful island and full of fun. Enjoy your holidays as per your wish.

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